How To Fight And Win Against Jesse And James In Pokemon Go

Jesse and James, the Team Rocket is finally in Pokemon Go. Want to know how to beat them?

Jesse and James are finally in Pokemon Go and this is your chance to battle them, if you want to feel like the main characters of Pokemon the animated series and go up against Jesse and James, this guide will show you how to fight them in Pokemon Go.

How To Fight And Win Against Jesse And James In Pokemon Go

Prepare for trouble and make it double as Team Rocket is finally here in Pokemon Go albeit for a limited time, if you like millions of other players are looking to battle Team Rocket, here’s your chance.

  1. Now as we know, Team Rocket encounters are random. The same went for the anime show and Pokemon Go. You never know when and where they will strike.
  2. So you gotta be on the lookout for them, luckily for you in Pokemon Go, you can keep looking at the map hopefully you will see a Meowth Balloon floating in your area.
  3. Now the exact location of Team Rocket cannot be predicted sadly, but you can always keep having a look every now and then. This will allow you to catch them in the game pretty easily.
  4. Once you click on the Meowth Balloon icon on your map in Pokemon Go you will be taken straight into a battle with both of them. You have to keep in mind that you will battle them one after the other with no item to use potions.

So keep in mind to use a powerful Pokemon with you, as you will have to battle against Team Rocket’s Pokemon of Ekans, Koffing, and many more. You will also have a chance to catch the Shadow version of Ekans and Koffing during this limited-time event and you should make sure that you get your hands on Team Rocket while you can.

You can battle them as many times as you can spot them, so keep an eye for the Meowth Balloon, our guide on the same will help you how to spot it easily in Pokemon Go.