Bandai Namco Introduces New iOS Puzzle Game – Very Little Nightmare

The Game Is Inspired From Little Nightmares

Remember a girl in yellow raincoat trying to escape a dark whimsical tale in Little Nightmares that came last year and gathered positive response from the gaming community. Today Bandai Namco announced a very little version of Little Nightmares for iOS platform running on iPhone and iPad.

Bandai Namco Europe with Alike Studio brought the new puzzle adventure game for the mobile platform. Similar to the full edition Very Little Nightmare features a kid who is trying to survive in a mansion. help her to clear path and move forward, she alone with Nome’s, tiny friendly creature who will be a part of her adventure.

Little Nightmare was released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the game features a kid Six trying to escape The Maw. It is a vast mysterious vessel which is ruled by a corrupted soul who is trying to hunt her down for food. The game features an interesting story and engaging environment, an unpolluted tale of horror and survival.

Bandai Namco has only shared a small teaser of the game, there is no enough details on the release date and pricing. If you are interested you can Pre-register your Email id to get latest updates on Very Little Nightmare along with info on free content.

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