Veiled Experts Tier List (June 2023) – Best Agents

Mansi Singh
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Comparing power, Lepton Rank plan, and other aspects of the Veiled Experts Agents, we have created this tier list. Here we have ranked characters from best to decent using S to B tiers. If you just started playing this game. And are having a hard time selecting the best characters to invest in, then this guide has got you covered. Keep reading and get all the essential info and reason to select listed Agents.

Veiled Experts Tier List

We are using the S to D tier list system. Here S ranking Agents possess the best abilities and rank powers. And B is only recommended when S and A are not accessible. Thus, try to get and use top-ranking Agents for the best gaming experience. And read till the end to learn reasons for placing them in the designated tier.

Tier Agent Code Name
S Young Sik 0 (ZERO)
S Luna Feline
A Soy Screw
A Nicki Jackpot
B Rita DJ Mcqueen
B Lily Rose Odd-Eye

Young Sik

Young Sik Agent

Young Sik is a Clone belonging to SPIRYTUS Organization. He possesses hacking and area-scanning abilities. That allows him to keep tabs on the enemy during a fight. And he can plant and defuse bombs fastest in the team, making him the ace of every squad.

Agent Luna

Agent Luna VE

Luna is best for those who have just started playing the game. Because one of her abilities is to recover health through transfer ability, Metabolism Superdrive. And she also possesses an ability called Infighter, which lets her recover one health with every hit.

Soy the Screw

Soy The Screw VE

Soy has some abilities similar to Young Sik and some to Luna. She can recover team health. As well as scan enemy areas like Sik. But these abilities are not as strong as Luna and Sik’s skills. Yet she is best to invest after S rankers.

Agent Nicki

Agent Nicki Veiled Experts

Nicki has revive ability, which makes her a tough soldier on the grounds. Giving her Settlement Lepton Rank allows her to receive 100-500 Coins when Knocked down. Due to this, players who want to fill their reserve should have her with this Lepton in their squad.

Agent Rita

Rita VE Agent

Rita was recently added to the game. She holds promising HP recovery abilities. And should possess Lepton Rank Evasive Maneuver, as it will allow her to restore 20 HP when it falls to 80% or below. Apart from Evasive Lepton, Bomb Suit I also suits her. Because it lets her take 10% less damage from frag Grenades and other blasts.

Lily Rose

Lily Rose Of Veiled Experts

Lily is a former British MI6 Agent. Final Resistance, one of her native abilities is unique skills among Agents. This ability allows her to use weapons even if she is incapacitated. And her other native skill, Ammo Discount, lets her get decent discounts on arms and ammunition.

These were all the top Agents of the Veiled Experts ranked in the tier list. Hopefully, this helped you select the best characters for your journey. If it did, we suggest you check our other guides from GamerTweak.