How To Make Vegetable Omelet In TOTK (Recipe & Ingredients)

Players can arguably cook countless recipes in Tears Of The Kingdom to keep Link energetic and full of hearts. And sometimes even some easy-to-make dishes can help Link restore his health or even give temporary resistance. Such is the case with the Vegetable Omelet. It’s a simple upgrade from a normal Omelet Link can make and combined with other unique vegetables you can have yourselves a delicious meal with different properties in the game. Here is our guide on how you can make Vegetable Omelet in Zelda TOTK.

How to make Vegetable Omelet in Zelda TOTK

vegetable omelet in zelda tears of the kingdom

The recipe for the Vegetable Omelet includes Bird Egg, Rock Salt, Goat Butter, and any vegetable you can get your hands on. If you combine all of these you will get a dish that’s rich in heart-restoring properties in the game. This is a very simple and quick recipe that players can cook to replenish Link’s health. You can get your hands on these ingredients all across the lands of Hyrule as they are easy to come by. The dish can be customized with different kinds of vegetables to acquire certain properties. Here is a list of some variations you can do in the dish to make the dish according to your use

  • Hearty Vegetable Omelet= Add Any Hearty Vegetable
    • Gives Link temporary bonus hearts
  • Enduring Vegetable Omelet= Add Endura Carrot/Endura Mushroom
    • Gives Link a temporary boost of stamina
  • Energizing vegetable Omelet= Add Stamella Shroom/ Stambulb
    • It restores Link’ stamina
  • Sunny Vegetable Omelet= Add Sundelion
    • Heals Gloom Hearts
  • Tough Vegetable Omelet= Add Ironshroom
    • It increases Link’s defense
  • Hasty Vegetable Omelet= Add Swift carrot/violet
    • It increases Link’s movement speed
  • Sneaky Vegetable Omelet= Add Silent Shroom/Blue Nightshade
    • It increases Link’s stealth
  • Chilly Vegetable Omelet= Add Hyrdomelon/Cool Safflina/Chillshroom
    • It increases Link’s heat resistance
  • Spicy Vegetable Omelet= Add Spicy Peppers/Warm Safflina/Sunshroom
    • It increases Link’s cold resistance

That is everything covered on how you can make Vegetable Omelet & its variations. If you are looking for more heat & cold resistance recipes check out our guide on the topic right here on Gamer Tweak.

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