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Elden Ring: Where To Find Vargram The Raging Wolf & Location

Unable to find Vargram the Raging Wolf in Elden Ring? Check out this guide to learn his location.

While playing Elden Ring you should find the location of Vargram the Raging Wolf. He is an enemy that drops the Raging Wolf Set. This is a set that is on the lighter side but gives a good damage negation. It is especially suited for classes like Warrior, Hero, and Vagabond. And you also need to beat him if you want to complete the Volcano Manor questline. So in this guide let us quickly find the location of Vargram the Raging Wolf.

Where to Find Vargram the Raging Wolf in Elden Ring


where to find vargram the raging wolf in elden ring

You can find Vargram the Raging Wolf in Elden Ring as you progress in the Volcano Manor questline. His location is inside Leyndell, Royal Capital. You need to progress a good amount in the questline before you can spawn him. Also, it is important that you haven’t defeated Maliketh before getting to him. Because if you do then you won’t be able to access his sign. So below are the steps for finding Vargram the Raging Wolf.

  1. Go to the Volcano Manor and pick up the red letter from the table to get your assassination target.
  2. Fast Travel to Avenue Balcony site of grace.
  3. Turn west and go down the stairs.
  4. Run past the archer and turn left to climb the dragon scale-like platform.
  5. Keep going southwest until you see a room with a ladder below on your left.
  6. Climb up the ladder and keep going straight on the other side.
  7. Here you will see some steps that lead north below. Go there.
  8. Keep going straight and you will find a lever on your right.
  9. You can pull it to open the door on your right below (this is an optional step).
  10. Jump down on your left and go past the doors on your southwest. Check the above image for reference.
  11. Go straight to pick up the Alberich’s Set and in the center of the room, you will find a summon sign.
  12. Use it to invade Vargram the Raging Wolf and Evil Sorcerer Wilhelm’s world.
  13. This is the location of Vargram the Raging Wolf.


How to progress in the Volcano Manor questline to reach here

The above steps won’t be of much use to you if you haven’t progressed in the Volcano Manor questline. And if you haven’t then you need not worry.

  1. Start by getting the Tonic of Forgetfulness. Once you have it follow the steps below.
  2. After giving Rya the Serpent’s Amnion and talking to her you need to go to the Temple of Eiglay.
  3. Use the elevator to go to the 2nd floor and jump out of the window on the balcony.
  4. Follow the natural path and jump on the floor with lava.
  5. Keep going north and northeast and you will find the lava slime-like monsters.
  6. Move ahead and then jump down on the left edge of the cliff.
  7. Keep going west here and you will come across the Lesser Abductor V*rg*n.
  8. Ignore it and continue west.
  9. Here you will reach a room with red candles talk to Rya but don’t kill her.
  10. After doing these steps you can follow the steps in the above section to get to Vargram.


That covers this guide on where to Find Vargram the Raging Wolf in Elden Ring & his location. You should definitely check out our Elden Ring section to get more help on other locations of weapons, bosses, and more for this game.