Why Is Yoru Removed From Valorant Agent Selection?

Here's why Yoru is currently disabled and removed from Valorant.

According to a status notice spotted in the game client, Riot has deactivated Yoru in Valorant. The message’s only detail is that Riot is working on “an issue,” which is most likely related to the agent’s ability to exploit certain previously unknown issues. However, we as gamers have a theory as to what may have caused it. Yoru was one of the newest additions, and his teleport skills were being exploited in exploitable Gatecrash glitch. Armed with this information, let’s look at why Yoru is disabled and removed from Valorant.

Why is Yoru Disabled and Removed From Valorant?

why is yoru disabled valorant

Yoru is disabled and removed from Valorant because due to the glitch where he can teleport inside the Pyramids in Breeze map can plant spike. Yoru may also fire opponents from inside the pyramids, which may be utilized to gain an unfair advantage. If an enemy Yoru plants a spike inside the pyramids on Breeze map, this glitch makes it impossible to win the round.

A similar issue emerged on the Bind map when players realized they could activate Gatecrash’s tether by sending it through the Teleporter. There’s very certainly a collision detection flaw that allows the cable to pass through. Due to an “issue,” Breeze has been removed from the Competitive queue. Here’s a video from Scelatus highlighting this glitch:

Breeze map is currently only disabled in competitive or ranked mode, and it is playable in unranked and other modes. All Yoru mains will have to wait for a little before they can play their favorite agent in Valorant again. According to our understanding, Breeze and Yoru have been disabled for the same reason

Riot hasn’t given a particular date for when Yoru and Breeze will be re-enabled. They even have not provided an explanation for why they aren’t available. It’s a bad scenario, especially for people who were counting on the hero to save them. However, it’s comforting to know that the devs are on the case.

That’s everything you need to know about why Yoru is currently disabled and removed from Valorant. While you are here, check out our Valorant tips and tricks on Gamer Tweak that will help you master the maps. Also, know how to play with other regions and the best crosshair settings.