Valorant Vs Splitgate: Which Is Better?

Which game is better: Valorant or Splitgate and why? Here are all the similarities and differences.

Valorant is the best! No, Splitgate is better! Here we will discuss which game is better than the other and which one you should be playing. Valorant vs Splitgate: Which is Better? Let’s find out.

Valorant vs Splitgate: Which is Better?

Valorant is a free-to-play online multiplayer FPS game where you play in a 5v5 as an Agent, the characters from the Lore of Valorant. These Agents have unique abilities that change the course of each battle and game. This game is inspired by the concept of CS:GO with Abilities and Powers. The objective is to either plant or diffuse the Spike depending if you are on the attacking side or defending side respectively.

Splitgate is also a free-to-play online multiplayer FPS game set in a futuristic timeline. Here, you play as Soldiers and complete the objectives of the game. The game has been inspired by the concept of merging the look and feel of “Halo” and the portal mechanics from “Portal” or “Portal 2”. There are loads of game modes for players to try out as well.

Valorant and Splitgate – Gun Mechanics

splitgate vs valorant
The gun mechanics differ by some distance. Valorant guns are all Hitscan based and have recoil. After shooting for a while, the spray of the gun will be pulled upwards and will be randomized. Having good crosshair placement and recoil control will help you rack up kills.
In Splitgate, with hitscan weapons, there are projectile weapons and melee weapons. There is little to no recoil so precision is the aim of the game. Unlike Valorant, Splitgate weapons don’t suffer from running and jumping inaccuracies.

Abilities and Utilities


Valorant has a plethora of abilities as each Agent has unique abilities. Some have abilities that can stop an enemy in their tracks, move in areas that are inaccessible by others, blind enemies, blocks enemies line of sight (smokes), and kill enemies like grenades and mollies.

Splitgate characters have the same abilities so everyone is on a level playing field. By double jumping, you can activate a jetpack that will give some air time. The other ability is the Wormhole portals where you can place a portal entrance on one wall and the exit on another.

Maps and Game Modes in Valorant and Splitgate

Spiltgate wins here by a huge margin as there are 20 maps which include Oasis, Olympus, Pantheon, and much more. with that, there are also around 15 different game modes like Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Oddball, Capture the Flag, etc.

Valorant has 6 maps which include Breeze, Icebox, Split, Bind, Ascent, and Haven with only 7 game modes which are Unrated, Competitive, Spike Rush, Escalation, Replication, Snowball Fight, and Deathmatch. Here Escalation, Replication and, Snowball Fight are in a rotation as and when an update drops into the game.

The Games have many similarities and differences. Both games are set in different worlds, one is in the far future with jetpacks and portals while the other is based where people have powers.  According to me, both the games are good and you can pick the one based on your liking. I prefer Valorant simply because it feels more competitive to play compared to Splitgate.

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