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Valorant Update Allows Player To Turn Off Anti-Cheat System

Can I cheat now?

Riot Games brings out a new update for players to disable the anti-cheat software Vanguard on their pc. Running 24×7 in the background Vanguard has led system problems, fps drops, and outrage of players. Taking a serious steps Riot Games finally came out with a solution to let players disable Vanguard when not requires. Turning off does not mean you can cheat in Valorant, you will need it working while playing the game.


The latest Valorant update adds a system tray icon, from where users can shutdown the software. A reboot is required, you cannot play the game until it is enabled. So there will be a few couples of reboots here, but turning it off will relieve pressure from the system and incompatibility with any existing software.

Starting today, Vanguard will start showing a system tray icon (after a reboot) while it’s running. From there, you’ll be able to turn off Vanguard at any time. Turning off Vanguard puts your machine in an untrusted mode and will prevent you from playing VALORANT until you reboot. If you want to keep Vanguard off indefinitely until you play VALORANT (e.g. persisting across multiple reboot sessions), you’ll be able to do so more easily now by uninstalling it from the handy dandy system tray. Vanguard will automatically be reinstalled when you launch VALORANT. If you dislike the new system tray icon, you’ll be able to disable (or re-enable) it at any time by going into your Windows Notification Area.

Players have the choice to remove Vanguard completely from the system, it will be re-installed back as soon as you launch Valorant. The game is closed beta stage and gain massive popularity. However, the anti-cheat system is giving players a tough time in terms of overall game performance, privacy, and security.

Vanguard may block certain incompatible or vulnerable software from running on your machine. If this happens, you’ll see a notification like this pop up. Clicking on the notification will give you more information on what exactly was blocked. You’re able to opt-out of this at any time by following the instructions in the previous paragraph.

This can be a temporary solution, where you can get rid of Vanguard if there are not plans to play for a long time. It will be added back on the next game launch, to an extent turning it off from the system tray can give players a piece of mind.


Source: Reddit