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When Will Valorant Release On PS4 and Xbox One?

Will Valorant be available for consoles?

With Riot Games’ Valorant releasing worldwide on PC, fans are very excited to begin playing the 5v5 tactical and FPS game. It is a unique combo of Overwatch and CS which has made fans of both the games take notice. The fact that the closed beta was super successful really added on to the anticipation of the game. Now, Valorant is also eagerly awaited by console players which brings us to the question – Will Valorant come to consoles? When will Valorant come out on PS4 and Xbox One? Find your answer right here.

Is Valorant Releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

Right now, Riot Games is going to focus on the game for PC only but they are open to exploring other gaming platforms. If and when the game becomes successful, they will most likely release Valorant on consoles. They haven’t completely ruled it out yet so we can hope. Due to this, we are not sure when the Valorant PS4 and Xbox One release will happen as of now. Honestly, it might not be this year.

With an only-PC release, Valorant is definitely losing out on a huge chunk of audience. But the eventual success of Valorant on PC will be crucial to determine when console users will get to experience the game.

Valorant got a big launch on its release date of June 2, 2020. A new character named Reyna, a new map named Ascent, a new game mode called Spike Rush as well as a wide array of changes were implemented in the final game. If this has got you interested in the game, go ahead and download Valorant now. The best part is that it’s free-to-play so you can get into it immediately. With some practice you can easily master the game. Take a look at our guide on the best skills in Valorant for beginners that can help you out.

So this is all about Valorant’s Xbox One and PS4 release that has been revealed till now. Be sure to check out our useful Valorant guides to get better at the game too.