Valorant Patch 0.5 Fixes Voice Line Glitches With Sage

This bug made the enemies unfairly vulnerable to Sage

Riot Games’ patch 0.5 has fixed a long-standing glitch with one of Valorant’s underrated characters, Sage. She is one of the most tranquil players in the game who can be the best supportive member of your team. Her healing powers were beyond the control of a regular gamer, hence the latest patch has toned her abilities down a bit.

But this is not what has got the gamers going on about, with this update. Every Valorant Agent has a global voice line that is shouted out during their special attacks. As for Sage, her voice line was sometimes not activated when she performed her ultimate move of revival. Gamers are often accustomed to using in-game audio as a helping aid in fast gameplay. In this case, enemies would not realize when Sage was performing her ultimate move although they could eventually see it in the kill feed. Thus absence Sage’s voice line was a big hindrance to this, and so the patch 0.5 has done away with this glitch.

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What are Sage’s abilities in Valorant?

Sage is the supportive Sentinel of Valorant. Among all the bloodshed, she brings the power of calmness and healing. She is the ultimate health kit that you will ever need on the battlefield. Here are her abilities –

Slow Orb – upon summoning and firing the slowing orb, an energy field is created. Any player inside the field slows down and gets grounded.

Barrier Orb – summoning and firing this orb at the enemy places a wall/barrier in between. This defends Sage from any attacks.

Healing Orb – this orb, when targetted at an injured ally, will initiate an over-time healing process. Firing the orb alternatively produces a self-heal over Sage.

Ressurection – this is Sage’s ultimate ability. With this skill equipped, she can heal any dead ally. The update 0.5 fixed Sage’s voice line for her resurrection abilities.

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