Valorant Oni Skin Set Leaked

After surprising with the latest collection of Valorant weapons skins in the form of living dragons, at Riot Games they continue with the Asian line in new leaked cosmetics.

The protagonists of these new designs are the Oni (demons present in Japanese culture). We can see new designs for Phantom, Shorty, Bucky, and Guardian weapons, as well as a substitute for the fist-shaped knife with two spiked fangs. The Oni collection is of the premium edition and has a total cost of 7100 Valorant Points, being $70 in real-world money.

Today the collection is ending Elderflame highlights that brought us to the peculiar dragons, therefore we hope that soon it will be officially announced that these are the new designs.

In addition to these featured collections, there are many more designs that rotate, and are random for each player, in the store. To this, we must add the cosmetics to which we gain access through a battle pass that in this first season is leaving a little to be desired.

All cosmetics are applied to weapons or our profiles in the form of titles or cards. Riot Games already confirmed in its day that they do not plan to modify the appearance of the characters so that they are easily recognizable on the battlefield and thus not harm the most competitive players.

Valorant is currently in the first chapter of the three that make up its first season, Ignition, the second is coming in a few days with a new battle pass.