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Valorant Will Be Updated With “6 Agents A Year,” Riot Confirms

The executive producer of Valorant, Anna Donlon, has again uploaded a video talking about the game on Twitter. Donlon has tried to draw us a roadmap for the future of the game, which she says is the team’s top priority. The developers will not move on to other projects, they will simply spend a lot of time on this one.

And this is exactly what we expected, Riot already has an “eternal” game like League of Legends and it doesn’t sound crazy that they want to do the same with this hero shooter. What we did not expect was 6 characters per year, the direct competition of Valorant is probably Overwatch, since they are team shooting games on small maps without battle royale mode. And the Blizzard game doesn’t add as many characters a year.

In fact, under this mode, Valorant would be offering twice as many characters as Overwatch and more updates than Paladins, the other title with which it competes. The idea, according to Donlon, is to give us skins every two weeks, two episodes annually, each episode will be divided into three acts and in each act, a new agent will come to the game. In fact, a small teaser of the next agent was shown today that you can watch below.

Each act will have a lot of content and will offer events related to the new character and will gradually reveal the story that they plan to have with Valorant, for now, there are only details and hints but Donlon comments that they will expand it soon. Season passes will be given with each act, so there will be six per year, so there will be more content but we will also have to pay more per year if we want to keep up to date.

There will also be new game modes with each episode, although they have not determined if there will also be additions of this type between acts. For now, we can expect a new mode for a bit before Episode II, which has no release date but which we imagine will be in November.

Finally, Donlon asked all players not to forget to use the “report” function in the game to isolate toxic users.

Valorant is now already available on PC.