Valorant Error Code 40 Solution

Here is hwo to fix the Error Code 40 in Valorant.

Error Code 40 in Valorant occurs when there is a problem with the game servers. The players will also face the ‘connecting to the platform’ notification along with it which will ask you to restart your game. This is a very common error and you may face it recurringly. So if you would like to know the solution to fix the Error Code 40 in Valorant, keep reading this guide.

How To Fix Error Code 40 In Valorant?

Valorant error Code 40 Solution

The Error Code 40 In Valorant is an issue from the Valorant’s end and the players basically can do nothing about it. The server needs to be fixed from the game’s end. What players can do however is check for updates and know how long will it take to solve the problem. These are the steps that the players can follow:

The first thing you can do is actually restart the Valorant game client like the error suggests you to. It may just solve your problem right then and there.

If that does not work out, go old school by just switching off and switching on your PC. Restarting your PC may just solve your problem.

There is a possibility that there may be a problem with your internet connection. You can just check your internet speed and restart your internet routers to try and fix the error code 40. You can also try changing your DNS settings to,,, or

Lastly, you can always check the official Valorant website or their Twitter handle for any updates. The developers usually put updates about these kinds of errors and also sometimes inform how long would it take them to solve it.

So that is all for our guide on Valorant error code 40 fix. If you would like to know how to level up your account in the game, we have a guide on that too for you to check out.