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Valorant Double Zoom Shortcut – Quickly Zoom in with Operator?

Go AWP in Valorant, a simple guide to help you to increase your speed of using Sniper Rifle the game. Learn how to be pro in zoom and shoot.

AWP in CS:GO was the best weapon I had ever enjoyed playing with. Sniping is considered as one of the pro-level skills that you must have in games like Valorant or Counter-Strike. It lets you shoot down enemies from a distance. A good sniper is a highly valuable support to the team and here let’s learn about pro Sniper tricks for Valorant.

Operator is the only sniper gun in Valorant, you require to press the right-click to zoom in and zoom out. This can consume a few important seconds during combat. The goal is to zoom in and zoom out in split second, turning off or cancelling the zoom animation if possible. Here is a short video on the sniper gun Operator. You can see with right-click you will Zoom in and shoot. The gun is worthless if you are moving too much. Zoom in and Zoom out does consume a few seconds that can be lethal in the game. Here is what you can do.


How to speed up Operator Zoom in and Zoom Out in Valorant?

Similar to bunny hopping that merges Jump + movement you can assign a dedicated key to zoom in and zoom out. You will have to use the zoom at all costs while using the Sniper rifle in Valorant. If you are on the right spot and capable of shooting down multiple enemies at once then this Valorant zoom trick will help you.


WASD is assigned to all movements, space to jump, Q, and E to abilities. So which is the fastest key for zooming in Valorant. Replace the jump(space) with Mouse Scroll key, this speed up your move by turning on the bunny hop in the game. Click the link above to know in more detail. For zooming, assign the Space key.

While playing Valorant if you are handling the Operator sniper gun, hit Space to instantly zoom. Hit again to zoom out and use the bunny hop method to move fast. Especially left and right, not every operator has the power to move like Jett. But that too is restricted to a cool-down period.

It is necessary to rely on the default tactics like improving your pace of jump, use a dedicated keyboard key to zoom to enhance your gameplay. It will save you time and give you enough time to think. Either to attack or evade, the game is all about timing. Operator can cause the highest headshot damage, with 255 stats this weapon is amazing. It is a one kill weapon, so you just need one accurate shot. It has only 5 rounds, do not waste the bullets.


CS:GO AWP features double zoom, while Operator does not. Even if this update is added in the future it will be again more time consuming and not at all recommended in melee combat. Whatever agent you are playing as a focus on the ability that can save you from incoming attack. This will give you time to think to plan your attack. For a Sniper team coordination plays a big role, and you have to play defensive.