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Valorant Bunny Hop Shortcut Guide – How to Hop Like a Rabbit

Bunny-hop is a famous move, popularly used in games like CSGO bunny hopping can help you to dodge bullets and agent spells

If you had played Counter-Strike then you will know what Bunny Hop is? An important move that merges Jumping with Running. You get double speed while to run and you can dodge fast. This move is key to win and loose. You can do the same thing in Valorant via Key Binding. In this guide, I will help you to enable bunny hoping Valorant through keyboard or Mouse Keys.

How to assign a Keyboard Shortcut to Bunny Hop in Valorant?

WASD is the default movement in Valorant, you can run forward, move back and move left or right. With this Space is the default key to Jump. If you can combine these two important moves in Valorant you will bunny hop. It is like moving forward and jumping at the same time. This helps you to cover bigger distance in short time. Same applies to dodging, you can move left or right and jump to cover bigger distance.

A instant way to dodge bullets and agents spells. Now the question is how to key bind bunny hop in Valorant?

Compared to CS:GO, Valorant does not let you use custom settings. The popular CS:GO Autoexec.cfg file method. Whatever changes you need can be done through Valorant Game Settings only. This does not mean you cannot bunny hop in Valorant, you can. But with minor adjustments.

Let the default movement keys WASD as it is, and assign Jump to mouse Scroll wheel. You can do that from Game Settings > Control section. Click on Jump and rotate the back mouse key or press it. Apply the game settings and one.

Next time let your thumb relax and press the mouse scroll wheel to bunny hop in Valorant. Your left hand will be reserved for movements and abilities while your right hand will focus on camera view, shooting and jumping. It is fairly easy to manage, go to the Practice Session of game and explore the map. Try bunny hopping for a few minutes and build some muscle memory.

Now to get more you will need to optimize your Valorant Windows settings. This also contribute a lot to your overall performance. In every shooting game your fps, refresh rate and cpu performance plays a big role. But do not worry it is not a rocket science, turn off few unwanted graphic options and you are good to go. I made a guide on Best Valorant PC Settings, it has a list of things not required. The options can boost fps, force your CPU go give high priority to Valorant and other important enhancements.