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Valorant Best Mouse DPI Guide For Max Precision

Settings that delivers sure damage

Without optimal Mouse Settings, it is tough to win games like Valorant. Similar to games like Counter-Strike where two groups of five compete with each other on a fast-paced action-packed map. Mouse movement is crucial as it the only medium to point and shoot. In this Valorant best mouse DPI and sensitivity settings guide you can get tips on how to improve your mouse aim. This will have a direct impact on your overall performance. A few more things that are necessary to get the best out of your skills is a decent stable fps, fast responsive mouse, and your ability to control your characters through the keyboard. Two of them are easy to achieve, the left is mouse optimization. So let’s begin.

How to get the best Mouse DPI settings in Valorant?

Mouse DPI setting is nothing but a way to adjust its sensitivity. It’s a setting to reduce the response time while playing games giving the character maximum accuracy while shooting. The perfect mouse sensitivity means headshot. And a 100% guarantee to get max damage. So here adjusting your game controls to achieve the right DPI is crucial. Once you reach the point where the mouse responds perfectly when you want you will see that your game is a lot better.

In games like Valorant, this matters a lot after getting a stable FPS and performance. That means no lags at all. In the Valorant game menu, inside the General tab, you can modify Mouse Sensitivity settings. In-game settings to adjust the mouse crosshair speed while you are moving it around to look for enemies. But the next important thing is your Mouse DPI, a prominent feature of gaming mouse is now available on regular models also.

To explain this simply, have a look at Corsair Nightsword Gaming Mouse. A premium gaming device that comes with a dedicated DPI control button. Max DPI is 18000 that delivers lightning-fast cursor speed and can be reduced by pressing the DPI key above the middle click. So here are some things you can do to get the best possible Mouse DPI on Valorant.

Turn off Mouse Acceleration:

Mouse Acceleration is good if you are not having a gaming mouse. You can adjust the cursor speed through Mouse Properties. But if you are playing Valorant using a gaming  mouse then turn this off.

  • On Windows 10 in Search type Mouse.
  • Open Mouse settings > Click on Additional Mouse Options on the right.
  • Go to Pointer Options and remove tick from Enhance Pointer Precision.

Turning pointer precision off will give you a boost in improving your aim in Valorant. The mouse cursor will move on a static speed. For DPI you can use a gaming mouse with a dedicated DPI button. For example, in Corsair NightSword there are four DPI settings from minimum to Max that end at 18000 DPI. I used the second one as the best possible speed for me to turn around and shoot an enemy.

Low DPI which lies somewhere between 400 to 800 is best for those who do not like a sudden movement. The best example is when you are using a Sniper Gun. Low DPI requires time and the player has to be prepared long before he shoots down an opponent.

High DPI which goes above 1000 can give jerks to the wrist. Ample of pro players who love fast-paced shooting go with High DPI. Their objective is to shoot down anything moving, and with this, a decent Mouse Pad like Corsair M3300 plays a big role.

For Valorant start with low DPI, because you will need time to understand the Map. Also in games, the Agents can use special powers along with weapons. This is where playing slow will help you a lot. Make sure you get the best DPI settings based on your playing experience.