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How To Change Mouse Sensitivity In Valorant

High precision shooting tips

Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooting game, along with weapons you can use special abilities to take down your opponent. Getting an accurate shot using a gun adds more points to your victory and a lot of it relies on the best mouse settings. Mouse precision can be adjusted by modifying the sensitivity settings pushing to the max comfort level so that your every bullet can damage an enemy. So here is a guide on how to change mouse sensitivity in Valorant.

Settings to adjust Mouse Sensitivity in Valorant

Look for the settings icon on the top left part of the game. Click on it and you select the General Tab. Here you can see an option to adjust mouse sensitivity. Practically there is no accurate unit to this, you can adjust this to get the best suitable level depending on your gameplay.

Adjust the mouse sensitivity to an extent until you find the gameplay comfortable enough to get headshots. It relies on players and the mouse you are using. If you have a gaming mouse, then you get a better option to modify the mouse settings as well highest possible accuracy. The General section of Valorant has various other config allowing you to set up the best possible settings to play the game.

Along with mouse sensitivity tweak the controls as per your need, especially when you need to switch to a new weapon during the game. There is also an ability that allows players to attack enemies other than guns, so here a mix of shooting and magic works side by side.

Valorant is in a closed beta stage, lived for two weeks it is sought by many players. But not everyone has received a beta key to play Valorant. There is a process to get one, you will have to watch at least two hours of Valorant Twitch stream to get illegible for the Beta Keys. Just signup for Twitch and connect your Riot game account. Tt’s it, watch Valorant streams and you might get the chance to grab of the keys.