Valheim World Generator: How Does It Work?

Here's how to use the Valheim World Generator and how it works.

Valheim is a procedurally generated game which is based on survival. Packed with ruthless bosses, dangerous creatures and resources to collect, you will end up spending countless hours into this game. Since you are going to put so much time into the game grinding, farming and what not, you can use a tool to make things much smoother for you. We’re talking about the Valheim World Generator and if you are curious to know what does it do and how to use it, we’ve explained it in this guide.

Valheim World Generator – How to Use Seed Viewer?

This game is all about exploring various lands and the Valheim World Generator will tell you what you can get in a new seed or in your current seed. It’s like a Valheim seed viewer. This means you can see the locations of various stuff for a particular world seed like biomes, boss spawns, trader and more. It has been created by redditor wd40bomber7 and you can check it out here. What you can do is generate new seeds and check out the map to see if you are happy with it. Then go on and start your journey there. In case you want to check your existing seed, you can do that too.

Valheim World Generator how does it work

This will surely save a lot of your time. You can strategize and plan your next move much better instead of blindly moving along. You can focus on the bosses when you want to and hunt for items when you want with the help of this handy tool. Moreover, you can decide if you want to avoid a certain sections because you aren’t quite prepared for it.

On the website of the Valheim World Generator tool, you will see the ‘Visible Locations‘ category on the left side. You can select show spawn, show bosses, show trader, show runestone, show camps and more. Pick the Map quality, select the Visible Layer and check out the seed. That is how you can use it easily.

Do note that the site is quite heavy at the time of writing. It takes a couple of minutes to work so don’t kill the tab while you are at it. The creator is still working on this tool so you can expect improvements gradually. But even at this point, it works pretty well.

That’s how the Valheim World Generator works and how you can use it for your benefit. Speaking of world seeds, here are some of the best Valheim seeds with great spawn locations, resources and the best seed to find Haldor, the merchant. Want more? Our Valheim wiki guide has you covered.