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Valheim: How to Remove Server Cap

Learn How to Remove Server Cap in Valheim

Valheim lets you and your fellow mates experience a Nordic realm. You can hunt and farm together while flexing your Scandinavian muscles. However, only 10 of you can do that at once. This is a bummer because what if you have more friends to play with. (Really? You have more than 10 friends to play the game with?) This guide shows you How to Remove Server Cap in Valheim so that you can play with more than 10 people.

How to Remove Server Cap in Valheim

How to Remove Server Cap in Valheim
Play with more than 10 players in the game.

To Remove the Server Cap in Valheim you will have to make changes to the .dll file. You will have to open the .dll file and change the “m_serverPlayerLimit = 10;” line to “m_serverPlayerLimit = (number of your choice, without the brackets);”. While you can increase the Server Limit, only 10 players will be allowed to play the game together while the rest of them stay in the game lobby.

Another annoying thing that you will encounter is the fact that every time there’s a new update that rolls in, you will have to rewrite the .dll file. Plus, we don’t recommend messing with any of the game’s files as it might cause the game to crash prematurely. Playing in co-op mode also accounts for a very laggy gameplay experience.

If you are looking to improve gameplay you can look at this Data Rate Modifier or this Max Player Modifier by Thunderstore. Having these installed will smoothen your experience in multiplayer mode. This also lets you have a bug-free co-op experience without any Server Lag.

This is everything that you should know about How to Remove Server Cap in Valheim. While you are do not forget to check out the Best Cheats in Valheim as well as our complete and well researched Valheim Wiki.