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Where To Find Rancid Remains In Valheim

Find out where you can come across Rancid Remains in Valheim.

We have covered Valheim in such detail that there aren’t many topics that Remain. Geddit? Bad puns and enemies with bad body odor usually go hand in hand. Talking about stinky enemies we have one such on our list today, the stinky and confident Rancid Remains. These bony bois are a staple of the game and are a fun and dangerous addition to the game. They charge at you with an adrenaline rush that will leave Olympians flustered. But fear not as the mythical Nordic ice flows through your veins. Go face to face with these enemies as we tell you where to find the Rancid Remains in Valheim.

Where to find the Rancid Remains in Valheim


Valheim Where To Find Rancid Remains
These rare skeletons are actually easy to beat.
  • The Rancid Remains are found in the Black Forest.
  • They also spawn pretty frequently in the Burial Chambers.
  • Very rarely will you spot one in the Meadows biome however.
  • They are usually found in dungeons and caves.

As you might have seen these enemies usually prefer dark, secluded areas, the choice of any self-respecting villain. And just like your favorite bag of chips that have been left out for too long, these guys have gone bad. The green gas surrounding these guys isn’t a special effect or a St. Patrick’s Day smoke machine. What it actually is poison. Rancid Remains have a cloud of poison around them. And this does affect you while roaming through the map. If you encounter two of them at once it is dangerous as the poison can have lingering effects. It is best to carry sufficient supplies when you go out to hunt them. Damaging them is pretty easy. All you need are some well-timed blows by a melee weapon and you’re good to go.


This is everything you need to know about how to find Rancid Remains in Valheim. Do not forget to check out our complete Valheim Wiki for more information on the game.