Everything You Must Know Valheim Progression Guide

Valheim Progression Guide will give you insight into how to go from basic to the end

Valheim progression guide will help you to understand what the game is about and what to do in it. This new Viking-based survival game puts you in a new world where danger lurks at every corner but there’s more to this game than just battling and slashing everything that you see in front of you.

Valheim Progression Guide

For starters, as you’ll be dropped by a Valkyrie into the game. There will be nothing on you, no clothes or anything. So, your first bit of business in the game is to simply survive, you can do this by building a shelter for yourself.

valheim progression guide

You can check out our beginner’s guide to knowing what exactly that you have to do. You will require a place to sleep and rest in the night, hence a bed is one of your priorities in the game. After you get this done in the game, you will need food for survival, so start to gather as many food items as you can in the game. For now, things like berries and other food items.

After this, take things step by step and start to create a workbench, this is one of the most important things in the game as you’ll continuously be upgrading and crafting weapons and other items in the game. This Valheim progression guide will show you how to go step by step and progress in the game.

From here on, you will be able to craft smaller weapons and take on animal and lesser enemies. At the same time, you should also make armor that will last you long and take a few beatings. This armor while not the strongest shall be enough for you to gather items needed to collect before you can fight the First boss Eikthyr. Each boss in Valheim is an enemy that Odin faced and you’re in the tenth world of Norse Mythology.

To fight the first boss Eikthyr you will need to gather 6 Deer Trophies and sacrifice them at the altar. Once you get here you will have to fight a huge Stag that has lightning properties, this can be a touch battle unless you have a proper shield and a weapon.

After you defeat the first boss, the game opens up for you to explore. You’re no longer stuck in the meadows and you will be able to check out places like the Black Forest, or the Swamp Biome, and other things.

This also helps to unlock more items that you will be able to craft, no longer will stone and wood be the only thing you’re stuck with for crafting and making better weapons.

Things like copper, leather, core wood, and fine wood can be used from this point on to create better structures and weapons.

As soon as you find flint in Valheim, you’ll also be able to upgrade your workbench. Upgrading your workbench is as necessary as your survival in the game.

Having a fully upgraded workbench will allow you to craft a lot of items as well, you will get things like the Fermenter and cauldron that will help you create mead bases and ferment them.

Each step is vital and necessary and Valheim provides you progression just like human history, where each new item opened up human being’s potential to create and find new items in the real life.

This purgatory place is different for every player, but we recommend that you tag along with a few friends before moving ahead.

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