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Valheim Hearth And Home Update – Everything You Need To Know

Here's all information that is known about the Hearth And Home update.

Ever since the game became hugely popular and sold millions of copies in a few weeks, players are eagerly waiting for the next major update in the DLC roadmap. The upcoming update is called Hearth And Home and as the name suggests, it is related to your base that you have set up with a lot of hard work. Plus, there will be more additions to the cooking part of the game as well. But what else can we expect in this update and what is confirmed? Is there a release date? Keep reading to know more.

Valheim Hearth And Home Update


Valheim Hearth and Home Release Date

Here’s all the known information about Valheim Hearth And Home update and some guesses about what players may get in it as well.

What is the Valheim Hearth and Home Release Date?


There is no fixed release date provided by Iron Gate for Hearth and Home. Considering the fact that the game has taken the world by storm, we can expect an update anytime soon. There could even be a surprise update in March or April if the devs want to keep the momentum of popularity going.

What updates can we expect?

Here’s what could be added in the game when the update finally arrives:


  • More Furniture items
  • New materials to build with and building pieces
  • Newer ways to make your Base even better
  • New Food items
  • More Cooking Recipes
  • Improvements in Food preparation process

So, for those players who love to farm, cook and build stuff in the game, this update is going to be for you. Although there’s not much information available about it right now, in the days leading up to its release, we will learn more. We will update this article as soon as  the developers reveal what players can expect in this update.

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