AC Valhalla King’s Money, Don’t Trust Charles, Or Lead Army Choice

Find out what to pick between King’s Money, Don’t Trust Charles, Or Lead Army.

You will face a choice of 3 options given to you by Sigfred in AC Valhalla Siege of Paris. You get to make three choices between King’s Money, Don’t Trust Charles, or Lead Army Choice. Every option will lead to a different outcome in the DLC. So, scroll down and find out what happens with each choice.

AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris Take The King’s Money, Don’t Trust Charles, Or You Lead This Army Sigfred Choice

AC Valhalla Sigfred Choice

  • Take the King’s Money: If you choose this option in the game, Eivor will take the easier option. Eivor will now say that he/she wants the treasure along with a truce with King Charles. Eivor will also tell Sigfred that he should take it all. Sigfred then goes on to speak to Charles and agrees to take silver in exchange for a peace treaty. After this Count Odo comes along and talks about his hatred for Charles the Fat.
  • Charles cannot be trusted: This is the more serious option in which Eivor will talk with Sigfred about his/her suspicions on King Charles in AC Valhalla. Eivor will talk about how Charles has been sly in the past. Sigfred will express some concern over the same. At this time Toka will agree with Sigfred. Sigfred further goes on to talk to Charles and accepts the gift in exchange for peace. After this Odo comes in and calls the king a coward for the same.
  • You lead this army: This is the last option you can choose. When you choose this option, Eivor will tell Sigfred that he has won the battle and it’s his choice. Toka and Sigfred further talk about how England is safe due to Eivor and express their gratitude. Sigfred then goes on to accept the peace treaty in exchange for money.

This is everything you need to know about the AC Valhalla King’s Money, Don’t Trust Charles Or Lead Army  Sigfred Choice in Siege of Paris. While you are here you can also have a look at All Frankish Noble Locations as well as Should You Hand Over The Boy Or Not?