AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris Bernard Choice: Should You Hand Over The Boy Or Not?

Here's all about the Bernard Choice, "You may have the boy" or "I will not hand over the boy" in AC Valhalla Siege of Paris.

After the actual Siege of Paris in AC Valhalla, Eivor is given a choice regarding King Charles’s son Bernard. You can either hand over his son back or not even though you have given your word. So in this guide, we will look at what happens if you select either of the options between You May Have The Boy Or I Will Not Hand Him Over Choice.

AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Bernard (the Boy) Choice & Consequences

You may have the boy or I will not hand over the boy in AC Valhalla Siege of Paris.

You can select between “You may have the boy” and “I will not hand over the boy” during Bernard Choice in AC Valhalla. If you choose the former option, Eivor will keep his word, and Bernard will be reunited with his father. Surely, Charles will be happy with this decision. You may also choose the second option in the dialogue box. If you pick this choice, Charles will become enraged and threaten you with the words “This is not over, Eivor of England.”

Bernard seems pleased and meets his father if you select “You May Have The Boy”. Even though Toka celebrates with music and mead, later she shows her doubt in a cutscene. She will say she is actually shocked that if Eivor kept the word and handed over Bernard to King Charles. Later you get to know from Odo that the king is hunting both Queen Richardis and Bernard. The boy hardly lasted a day, before fleeing back to his mother.

You may have the boy or I will not hand over the boy Valhalla

When King Charles threatens Eivor, Sigfred intervenes if you pick “I will not hand over the boy”. The rest of the cutscene follows the same pattern as the other option. Later in the story cutscene, Toka expresses her gratitude to Eivor for not handing the Bernard over to King Charles. Later, when you talk with Sigfred, he expresses his dissatisfaction with Eivor’s failure to follow his pledge. Odo also agrees with Eivor’s decision to keep Bernard away from the king.

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