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Dinkum: How To Use The Travel Bag

Learn how to use the Travel Bag in Dinkum from this guide.

Dinkum is an amazing serene Role-Playing game filled with Adventure. In this game, you play as an Explorer who left South City for a better life & now you are Farming, Herding, & living life in the Australian Outbacks. You will need to carry a lot of supplies on your journey. But there is so much that you can hold with just your hands. That’s where the Travel Bag comes into the picture. Unlike other Chests, the Travel Bag comes in handy while you are on the go. In this guide, I will show you how to use the Travel Bag in Dinkum.

How to Use the Travel Bag in Dinkum

use travel bag dinkum

The Travel Bag in Dinkum is a special kind of Storage unit. To access the Travel Bag, you will have to go to Fletch’s Base Tent. From there, turn around and you will see some Luggage Bags. That’s where the Travel Bag is located. In Single-player Worlds, it acts and behaves like a normal Chest. You can access it and use it like an early game chest if you run out of Storage space.

The true potential of the Travel Bag comes into action in Multiplayer Worlds. The Travel Bag allows the Player to transfer items & Coins through these Worlds on the same Character. This becomes very handy when you have to start a new Multiplayer World with your friends without sacrificing your progress from your previous Multiplayer World. Do note that each Character you have will have their own Travel Bag. Hence why this is good for Multiplayer Worlds & not Single-player Worlds. If you are familiar with Minecraft, the Travel Bag functions similarly to the Ender Chest.

This was all about how to use the Travel Bag in Dinkum. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Use A Keg & How To Get A Keg in Dinkum.