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Dinkum: How To Use A Keg

Learn how to use a Keg in Dinkum from this guide.

Dinkum is an amazing serene Role-Playing game filled with Adventure. In this game, you play as an Explorer who left South City for a better life & now you are Farming, Herding, & living life in the Australian Outbacks. Living here can get hard at times and as such, you will need some extra help. Dinkum allows the player to get Brewed Drinks that provide special effects like boosts in tasks and/or in Stats. This is all done by the use of the Keg. In this guide, I will show you how to Use a Keg in Dinkum.

How to Use a Keg in Dinkum

use keg dinkum

The Keg in Dinkum is used to make Brewed Drinks that provide special effects. Those effects can be a boost in Actions like Mining, Farming, Fishing, etc. Another type of effect is replenishing your Health & Stamina. You can also get an XP boost depending on the drink you make. To get one of these Kegs, you will need to get some Palm Wood Planks and some Iron Ingots. To know more in detail, check out our guide on How To Make A Keg In Dinkum from our website. Once you crafted it, you can place the Keg anywhere you like.

The Keg takes one of three ingredients at a time, those being:

These three ingredients will make 3 unique Brews with their own set of effects. All you have to do is put them in a Keg and let them brew for a while. As the in-game description for a Keg is, “Leave stuff in there for way too long.”, you will have to wait for a bit before collecting your delectable Drinks.

This was all about how to use a Keg in Dinkum. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Get A Mushroom Lamp in Dinkum.