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How To Use The Splatana In Splatoon 3

Learn how to use the Splatana in Splatoon 3 from this guide.

Splatoon 3 is a Third-Person Shooter game created by Nintendo. In the Competitive Multiplayer game mode, Turf Wars, all players duke it out with each other while wielding a Weapon. Splatoon 3 has a wide variety of Weapons, among those in the Splatana. It is a Sword-like Weapon that can be deadly in the right hands. In this guide, I will show you how to use the Splatana in Splatoon 3.

How to Use the Splatana in Splatoon 3

use splatana splatoon 3

The Splatana is a Sword-like or Katana-like Weapon in Splatoon 3. As such, it is effective at only the Melee range. Don’t dismiss it because of its short range, rather use that as its advantage. The plus side of the Splatana Wiper is that it is incredibly fast and consumes less ink. Get close enough to an opponent and you will rip them apart. The Splatana has the Torpedo as its Sub & the Ultra Stamp as its Special. The Torpedo is a ranged Bomb attack that has Direct, Splash, & Droplet Damage. With this Sub, you can Burst attack people up close or snipe them at range. The Ultra Stamp is a powerful Special. It summons a Giant Stamp Hammer that crushes everyone in its path.

The way you use the Splatana Wiper is by getting close to the Enemy and catching them off-guard in Splatoon 3. The Best way to do that is to try and get enough color on the field to travel the whole arena. Make sure to do this at the start of the round. Use your Torpedo to either ward off enemies or make your Color Path by shooting it across the map. Your Special is a perfect Weapon for Multikills. It is best in such scenarios but you must use it as long as it guarantees a Kill. Using the Splatana like an assassin is the best way to play with the Weapon.

This was all about how to use the Splatana Wiper in Splatoon 3. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Best Weapons For PvP in Splatoon 3.