Can You Use PlayStation Portal Away From Home?

Here’s what you should know if you are looking to use your PlayStation Portal away from home.

PlayStation Portal is Sony’s leisure gaming accessory that has impressed the players in no time. While it isn’t a dedicated handheld like Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, players are still considering getting their hands on the Portal. But before that, there comes a serious research period where the buyer would want to know every minute detail about the device.

Aside from the performance and pricing factors, there’s one more query arising among the players – can PlayStation Portal run games while being away from home? It is a legit question and we have got the answers for it. Check out our article below to get all your doubts cleared.

Can PlayStation Portal be used away from Home?

If you want me to summarize it quickly for you, then YES, you can use your PlayStation Portal away from home. That’s the beauty of this handheld. It can be accessed anywhere as long as you have a stable Internet Connection.

However, there are some flaws with this mobility, which is understandable. While you are away from home, you won’t have a stable internet connection all the time. And with this fluctuation in connectivity, you will experience lags and stutters while playing games. You can use Wi-Fi Networks at your Friend’s place or somewhere else to play the game until it is stable enough to give you at least a 5 Mbps Speed.

Can You Use PlayStation Portal Away From Home?
Image Source: PlayStation

One other thing, you might face some restrictions while using PlayStation Portal at public places like Airports or somewhere else. That’s because such places require you to sign in to access the Wi-Fi. And sadly, the PlayStation Portal does not support a functional Web Browser. Hopefully, such restrictions will be removed in the future as this device is meant for remote play.

I hope that clears your doubt about PlayStation Portal’s functionality away from home. For more such content, be sure to stay connected with us at Gamer Tweak. We make sure that you stay up-to-date with everything related to the Video Games all the time.