How To Use Sixth Sense To Find Dungeons In Palworld

Looking for Dungeons in Palworld can be extremely difficult if you don’t know the location. However, Sixth Sense can make it easier, and here’s how you can use the skill.

Numerous skills make Palworld pretty good, and once you get the Pals who possess them, it will help you progress further. Palworld is all about survival, and you will often find yourself crafting, catching Pals, and exploring numerous items and resources. However, the best items and Pals often lie in the dungeons that are pretty hard to locate worldwide. Luckily, players can use the Palworld Sixth Sense skill and search for them quickly.

While the skill is helpful, you will need a specific Pal. Although the Sixth Sense is quite helpful, there is currently a disparity in how it should work. Whether it is a bug or a specific skill feature remains to be seen in the future. However, if you want to look for dungeons near you, here’s how to use the Sixth Sense.

How to Use the Palworld Sixth Sense Skill to Find Dungeons

To use the Palworld Sixth Sense skill, players will need to capture Leezpunk and activate the Partner Skill. This will allow you to find any dungeons nearby. However, the issue here lies that players are only able to spot the dungeons that are nearby. If you cross a certain distance, you won’t be able to find the dungeon even if you use the skill.

The Sixth Sense skill is available with every version of Leezpunk, and it will scan an area of 100 m around the pal and show dungeons on the map for 60 seconds while on Level 1 (Partner Skill). Leezpunk can be found on the southwestern part of the map, and while they won’t be easy to capture, players should try their best to do so.

That’s all we have on the Palworld Sixth Sense skill. If you found this helpful guide, check out our Palworld guide in our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.