Where To Use Lost Key In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

Found the Lost Key but aren’t sure of what to do with it in PoP The Lost Crown? Here is what you can use it for.

If you have played any Metroidvania type of game before, you know it requires a lot of backtracking to reach certain places. Another common theme in such games is, as you progress further, you often get means to access areas in older locations that you previously couldn’t. This is exactly the case with Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. You need to use the Lost key if you want to use the elevator that takes you to the hidden floor. Don’t worry if this sounds too much, here is a full breakdown of what this key does, where to find it, and how to use it.

What does the Lost Key do in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown?

Where To Find And Use Lost Key In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

As per its item description, it “Provides access to a hidden floor in the Citadel elevator.” Now, this description doesn’t spell out the answer but it at least gives us a clue about having to use it on an elevator. The good thing is, accessing this floor unlocks the Hidden Room achievement. So one thing is for sure your effort won’t be entirely wasted on something trivial.

How to Get the Lost Key in PoP Lost Crown

How To Get The Lost Key In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown

You can buy the Lost Key from The Scrapper. He is a vendor that sells you equipment in exchange for Xerxes.

  1. Use the long elevator next to the Haven. It is easy to recognize by its two horses statue.
  2. Ride the elevator down to reach the depths.
  3. Go left after reaching down and here you can find the Scrapper.
  4. Talk to him and you can purchase the Lost Key for 3 Xerxes.

Now, that you have the key, it is finally time to use it to access the floor.

How to Use the Lost Key in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown

How To Use The Lost Key In Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown
  1. Take the elevator you just used to go back up.
  2. Stand on the right.
  3. Once it reaches this Hidden Floor, it will now stop.
  4. Exit the elevator and access this floor.

Here you can get two things, first the above-mentioned secret trophy and second the Lilac outfit.

And that’s everything that you can use the Lost Key for in Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. Be sure to also check out our other guides on this game on how to redeem its codes, get bow and arrows, and solve the water wheel puzzle.