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How Days How To Use Custom Skin – Bike Customization Tips

Make your ride look different

Looking for a solution to change custom skins in Days Gone for your bike? then there is an instant Days Gone tutorial that will help you to find how you can change and apply custom skins in Days Gone bike. You will unlock a Mechanic after visiting Copeland’s Camp, the mechanic who stole Deacon’s bike during the start of the game. This mechanic will be available in almost every camp but custom skins will be different. It relies on the multiple choices where you have to pick between Tucker and Copeland to deliver the drug stash. Tucker has good weapons and Copeland can give you some amazing bike upgrades.

How To Use Custom Bike Skin:

  • Visit a mechanic in the camp, you can see an icon on your map.
  • It will open the Bike customization menu, with three options Performance, Visual and Paint.
  • Go to Paint, there are three more options inside Paint.
  • Accent Paint, Frame Paint, and Decals.
  • Every section gives you different customizations to modify the bike and make it look different.
  • To add a custom skin go to Decals by pressing R2 to select Custom Decals

Custom Decals are skins you will unlock by completing missions in the game. Like Chasing Leon that unlocks after completing the Leon story, the person whom Deacon and Boozer chased at the very beginning.

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