Why Do You Need Cash In Sons Of The Forest (Answered)

Burn the cash away in Sons of The Forest. Literally.

Cash is one of the resources you’ll find in Sons of The Forest and many players are wondering how to use it. If you too are one of them then this guide is just for you. People who are not familiar with this game might be wondering, “Who asks what to do with the cash?”. Well in this survival horror game, players find themselves stranded on an island. Moreover, this island is infested with man-eating mutants. So in this chaotic environment, why do you need money? Well, with this guide, we will clear your doubts.

How to Use Cash in Sons of The Forest

Use Cash to light fire in SoTF

In Sons of The Forest, the only use for Cash is as fuel to light a fire. Apart from this, you cannot use cash for any other purpose. There are no shops or buy stations in this game where you can exchange money for items. Although the map is full of resources and materials, the only way to get them is by exploring.

An easy substitute for cash is leaves, and you’ll find plenty in the forest. But by any chance, if you’re low on leaves and need a fire, then burning the bucks is the way to go.

Where to Get Cash in SoTF

To get cash in Sons of The Forest, head to the Cave Bunkers and loot around. Alternatively, you can get money from the Skin Pouch dropped by cannib*ls. Since there is practically no use for it, we recommend you not waste time actively looking for it. Players are wondering whether it’ll have further use in future DLCs. But in SoTF’s predecessor, this resource was used to fuel fires and nothing else. So there is not much hope for it in this game as well.

That’s all from us on how to use cash in Sons of The Forest. While you’re here, make sure you check out more content like How to Get Album Cover, in our SoTF section.