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How To Upgrade Vehicles In Far Cry 6

Vehicles is Far Cry 6 needs to be sturdy and stacked to survive the roads of Yara. This guide will help you in upgrading your vehicles in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 has the biggest Map in the franchise and you will need to traverse around it. It ain’t a drive around the park as there are Fuerzas Nacionales de Defensa Troops scattered around the map at Checkpoints, important locations as well as patrolling around Yara. You will need a trusty Steed, although there are horses in the game I am not talking about them. Your automobiles will help you move around Yara and deal with the battalions of the Regime. Sometimes your vehicle is not enough, you will have to upgrade them. In this guide, I will show how to Upgrade Vehicles in Far Cry 6.

How to Upgrade Vehicles in Far Cry 6



Vehicle Upgrades are of three types, i.e. Offensive Armaments, Protective Plating, and Grill-Mounted Rams. These upgrades improve your Vehicles Offensive Power, Defensive Strength, and Sustainability. To apply these upgrades you will have to go to a Workbench in your Camps. In the Workbench, you will be shown all of the Vehicular Upgrades you can apply and the ones that are locked. Here you can apply the Upgrade to your vehicle of choice and also improve the Upgrade itself. Upgrading these attachments will apply mods, they will provide some stat bonuses to those Upgrades. When you are satisfied with the roster of upgrades you can equip them for your Vehicle.

How to get Vehicle Attachments and how to Upgrade them?



You can get Vehicle Attachments by completing missions or side quests. When you do them it will pop up a screen stating that you have unlocked it. These Attachments use Vehicle Scraps as a resource to upgrade. You find Vehicle Scraps by scavenging around or completing missions and side quests. Also in your Settings Menu, there is an option for Rides. Under this, you will be able to equip certain Attachments to your Vehicle but you cannot upgrade them, that is only possible in a Workbench. You can unlock more Vehicles by completing their respective missions.

Vehicles play an important part in FC 6. They will make the difference of being able to complete the mission or not. Make sure you kit your Vehicle to the scenario you have in Hand. This was all about Vehicle Upgrades in Far Cry 6. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in conquering FND Checkpoints. You can also check out our other guides on Best Weapons, Revolvers, and Supremo as well as Finding Yaran Stories in FC 6.