How To Upgrade Net In Fae Farm

Wondering how to get and upgrade Critter Net in Fae Farm? Here is all you need to do.

Not sure where to get and how to upgrade Net in Fae Farm. Critter Net is one of the basic tools of the game. They let you catch butterflies, which you need for Flutter Dust, an important item for Wings. But catching bugs and butterflies isn’t as easy as it might look. You must upgrade your Critter Net, and that can’t be done with the Blacksmith. Curious about who upgrades the Net, keep reading, as we have not only given his location but the requirements and stages of upgrades too.

Critters drop items like Honey, Shell Bits, Amber, Stone Grains, and more. All of which you’ll need as you progress through the storyline. So it is best to upgrade your Critter Net to the max and conserve these Critters to collect these items regularly. You can even sell them when you have filled all slots. Which certainly makes it a good deal for everyone.

How to Upgrade Critter Net in Fae Farm

How to Upgrade Critter Net in Fae Farm
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You get Critter Net from Mel the Beekeeper during the quest known as “Friend to the Critters”. He is in the West Town, use the map to go there. If you have activated the Homestead Wayshrine with Peridot Seal, you can activate the Wayshrine of West Town to travel quickly in the future. To activate West Town Wayshrine, you’ll need an Aquamarine Seal that requires 5 Copper Ore, 5 Iron Ore, and 15 Rough Aquamarine. But activating it will make your work easier, as Mel is the one who sells you upgraded Critter Net.

All Critter Net Upgrades in Fae Farm

After getting your first Critter Net, you can fulfill these requirements and meet Mel to purchase the upgraded version of them.

  • Sturdy Critter Net: 1,000 Gold, Critter Catching Level 3 and Critter Net.
  • Advanced Critter Net: 2,500 Gold. Critter Catching Level 5, and Sturdy Critter Net.
  • Master Critter Net: 5,000 Gold, Critter Catching Level 7, and Advanced Critter Net.

With this, you can now get and upgrade Critter Net in Fae Farm. Critter Catching is one of the many activities players can perform in this magical world of Azoria. So if you want to know about other activities, quests, and items, you can check out our Fae Farm guides. We have covered topics like how to upgrade Staff, plant flowers, and more.