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How To Update PS4 Console System Software (2022)

Here's how to update your PS4 Console manually.

With every new firmware update, users get various fixes and features that improves the performance of the system. Sometimes, the update is major while sometimes, it’s pretty minor but may be related to security issues. If you want to continue playing online, it’s compulsory to have the latest update and if it does not update automatically, here’s what you can do to update the PS4 system software manually.

How to Update System Software on PS4


In case your system software is not getting updated, then you need to delete the update and try again.

  • Restart your PS4 and update with the help of wired internet connection instead of wifi.
  • Choose Notifications from the PS4 function section and choose the update file. Press the options button and select Delete.
  • Now, go to Settings and select System Software Update.
  • Note that your PS4 should not get turned off during the installation process because if it gets interrupted, your system could potentially get damaged.

How to Manually Update PS4 via USB


You need to have a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller for your PS4 and a USB cable to make this manual update happen. Plus, you also require a PC or Mac with a stable internet connection as well as a FAT 32 USB storage device with at least 460 MB free storage space.

  • First, make a folder called PS4 on the FAT 32 USB by using your PC or Mac.
  • Then inside the PS4 folder, make another folder that says UPDATE.
  • Now, head to the PS4 system software update page and click on Update System Software.
  • Download the update file from there and paste it into the UPDATE folder.
    how to manually update ps4 via usb
  • Make sure to name the file PS4UPDATE.PUP – it is very important that the folder and file names are accurate for this process to work seamlessly.
  • Now, put your USB drive with the update file in it, into your PS4.
  • Start your PS4 in Safe mode and you can do it by pressing and holding the power button and releasing it after the second beep.
  • Choose the Safe Mode option 3 – Update System Software.
  • Next, select Update from USB Storage Device and click on OK.

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