Fall Guys Update 1.24 Patch Notes – Full List of Fixed Bugs

Update 1.24 resolves some major bugs and introduces squad gameplay balance.

Update 1.24 has arrived on PC and PS4 for Fall Guys. Here is the full list of patch notes. It fixes major/minor game bugs with many bug fixes. Fall Guys PS4 Black Screen and Crashing issue are still under the process of getting a hotfix. Till then read the Update 1.24 patch details below.

Fall Guys Update 1.24 Patch Notes

  1. Rewards bug is gone!!!!!
  2. Egg issues, including the fact you could throw them outside of the map and the fact you could cause eggs to vanish in walls, have been fixed.
  3. Players should no longer be randomly eliminated whilst spectating in squads
  4. Infallible achievement will not unlock in custom lobbies.
  5. Missing items from the regular shop have been fixed! Yes that includes Z Snap.
  6. Squads show rounds have been rebalanced.
  7. Frequency of low gravity finals reduced.
  8. Final hammers version of Fall Mountain has been removed again.
  9. Fake MT default costume showing up as half the players in Squads mode, with  the majority of players being unable to move or complete the level, has been fixed.

To get more details on the latest patches you can visit Fall Guys Discord Channel or the official News site.

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