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Data Miners Have Uncovered A Massive Sale Coming To Fortnite

Christmas is coming soon for Fortnite players as there is going to be a massive Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale coming to the most popular Battle Royale game.

According to leaks provided by Twitter user Lucas7yoshi who has a great track record in providing Fortnite leaks, there is going to be a sale on cosmetics and or possibly V-Bucks after the Thanksgiving holiday.


It is the first time that Epic Games will be providing a sale during these days.

You can check out the tweets below in which you will find details codes that point towards a massive sale coming to Fortnite.


The Fortnite data mining community has decoded the files released with the latest update which point towards an upcoming sale, it is not known how long will the sale last but a good estimate would be to think that it will continue throughout the entire week.

So make sure that you do not end up purchasing any V-bucks as of right now and wait until the sale begins.


Once again it is good to take this kind of news with a pinch of salt as the developers could alter the dates of this sale at any time.

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