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Untitled Goose Game Will Soon Make Its Way On The PlayStation 4

The Untitled Goose Game is a laugh riot, a lot of PlayStation owners were upset when they learned that it was not released on the beloved console until now, it seems that the Untitled Goose Game will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 console pretty soon.


The first hint came from the website called exophase, which pointed towards the trophy list that was uploaded on the website. Great news about this for trophy hunters is the fact that there is indeed a platinum trophy that they can achieve.

Untitled Goose Game took over the internet, there were memes and a ton of content on YouTube which helped the game to grow without needing much marketing by the developers.

In the game, you are listed with tasks and you assume the role of an obnoxious Goose as it terrorizes and scares children and adults alike.

One of the best parts about The Untitled Goose Game is the fact that it is so minimalistic it helps to have an identity of its own without needing to define everything.

Sadly though, the exact release date of The Untitled Goose Game is yet to be known but if you take it into consideration that the trophy list has made it was to the PlayStation Network, the game will follow soon too.

As of now, The Untitled Goose Game is only available for PC and the Nintendo Switch.



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