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Untitled Boxing Game Tier List (September 2023)

If you are wondering which is the best fighting style in Untitled Boxing Game, this tier list will help.

Here’s our Untitled Boxing Game tier list where we’ve ranked Fighting Styles from best to decent. Some boxing styles make it easy to deal damage from light punches, heavy punches, blocks, and dash, so you must try all attacks as you unlock them to find the one that suits your playstyle. If your current style is not feasible for you, then we have also included the method to change it, so switch styles and obtain top-tier moves. And this game requires strategy and agility, so practicing is important too.

Untitled Boxing Game Fighting Styles Tier List

Untitled Boxing Game Fight Styles

The fight styles have been divided into four tiers: S, A, B, and C. S is the best style, and C is the decent one. And we have also listed their rarity and ultimate moves to make selection easier for you.

Tier  Fight Style Rarity Ultimate Move
S tier Ippo Mythic Dempsey Roll
A tier Counter Rare Jolt Blow
A tier Corkscrew Rare Heartbreak Shot
A tier Hands Low Mythic
B tier Trickster Rare Look-Away Frog Punch
B tier Long Guard Uncommon 01-01-2002
C tier Smash Uncommon Smash Punch Finisher
C tier Basic Uncommon Full Force Uppercut

How to Change Boxing Style in Untitled Boxing Game

Fight Styles Ranked In Untitled Boxing

Players have three fight-style slots, two of which require RBX for unlocking. Since we only have one free slot, we have to be particular and try to obtain the higher rank styles. Now the biggest obstacle here is that we get fight styles through spins, which are luck based. Uncommon style has a 67% chance, Rare has 27%, Mythic is 5% and Legendary is just 1%. Spins can be claimed as daily rewards, redeemed using Untitled Boxing Game codes, and through in-game purchases. Read along to use Spins and change your boxing style.

  • Launch the game in the Roblox application.
  • Claim your daily reward and then tap on the Fight Styles button from the left corner of the screen.
  • Press the Spin button to spin and get fight style.

That was all for the Untitled Boxing Game fight-style tier list. Developers sometimes roll new styles, so we recommend you bookmark this guide for all the latest updates. And if you are having a hard time mastering the moves, check out these Trello and Discord links for better understanding.