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V Rising – How To Get Unsullied Heart

Check out our guide on how to get the Unsullied Heart in V Rising.

V Rising is a survival multiplayer that revolves around an awakened vampire starting from scratch. As you rise weakly from the slumber of deathless sleep, you do need some resources to become a strong vampire. Unsullied Hearts are one of the rare items that you need to craft the Greater Blood Essence. You can use this item to fuel the machines to keep Castles running and heal the vampire’s Castle Heart. You need four of the hearts to craft Greater blood Essence. But finding these hearts can be a bit of trouble due to their rarity. Not to worry, here’s our guide on how to get an Unsullied heart in V Rising.

How to Get Unsullied Heart in V Rising


You can get the Unsullied Hearts by defeating the higher V Blood bosses and enemies according to the community consensus. As of now, there’s no confirmed way to find out this item. But players have confirmed finding this item in the following ways:

  • Head over to the Blood Altar and track down powerful V blood carriers.
  • Although not every blood carrier drops the Unsullied Heart, there’s a possibility that the greater level carriers drop this item.
  • Alpha Wolf, Kelly the Frost Archer, and Lidia the Chaos Archer are some of the carriers that seem to drop Unsullied Hearts.
  • One of the other methods would be to farm the bosses that dropped this item.
  • As confirmed by many players, higher-level enemies have a greater possibility of dropping Unsullied Hearts.
  • Another method is to defeat the enemies above level 30 to increase your chances.

Once you receive the required Unsullied Hearts, head over to the Blood Press. Then, place four Hearts in the input section to get a Greater Blood Essence.


V Rising Greater Blood Essence Recipe

v rising how to get unsullied heart
Image Source – Kibbles on YouTube.
  • Alternatively, you can defeat the Tristan, the Vampire Hunter.
  • He is a level 46 final boss that you encounter in the Farbane Woods region.
  • While he doesn’t drop Unsullied Hearts, he can give you a recipe to craft the Greater Blood Essence.
  • With this recipe, you can convert 200 regular Blood essence into Greater Blood Essence.
  • But we recommend players get their levels up to above level 35 before they face him.


If a definite way to get Unsullied Hearts is revealed in the future, we will make sure to update this guide.

That’s all on how to get Unsullied Heart in V Rising. If you are looking for more resources, check out our guides on how to get Sulfur Ore and how to make leather in V Rising right here on Gamer Tweak.