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How To Unlock Victory Von Doom Emote In Fortnite Easily

Victory Von Doom emote in Fortnite brings menace and fear to the game. Check out how to unlock Victory Von Doom emote in Fortnite Chapter 2

Victory Von Doom Emote in Fortnite is one the meanest and coolest looking emote we’ve seen in Fortnite in a while. If you wish to unlock this brand new emote in Fortnite, make sure to check out our tips and tricks on how to do it easily.


How To Get Victory von Doom Emote In Fortnite?

Victory Von Doom emote is a nice play on Victor Von Doom, one of the fiercest and powerful enemies in the Marvel Universe and he’s come to Fortnite. Players can now get their hands on this brand new emote which is pretty easy to unlock.

There are three basic steps, (Awakening Challenges) that players will need to take care of to unlock the Victory Von Doom Emote in Fortnite.

Before you frantically search through the entire article to see how to unlock the Victory Von Doom emote, you will first need to unlock the Victor Von Doom costume by reach Tier 67 in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4.

Once you have the Victor Von Doom’s character in the game, you will then need to equip the character to make sure that you make progress in the challenge.

Visit Doom’s Statue


The first task is pretty self-explanatory as all you have to do is get near the Dr.Doom statue, you can find this statue near Doom’s Domain where Pleasant Park once used to be.

All you have to do is get near to it, which means that you can opt to either drop down from the battle bus and get to the statue or land nearby collect a few items, and then go to the statue.

As soon as you get close to the stairs your first task will be completed of unlocking the Victory Von Doom emote.

Visit Doom’s Throne

Once, you’re done with the Doom’s statue, the next part will involve you getting to Dr.Doom’s Throne. Now, unlike other thrones that you’ve seen, this throne is made up of stone and trees. You can find this throne at the southeast section of Retail Row at the topmost part of the hill.

To get to this place, you can either drop down directly from the battle bus or land nearby find weapons and then go the statue. It is easy enough to complete and you won’t have to struggle both this and the above task.

Win A Game Of Fortnite


Finally, the last part of unlocking the Vicory Von Doom emote is to win a game of Fortnite. Now, if you’ve already reached Tier 67 in the game, you might have already won a few games or at least one.

Now, this might not be much of a problem for most players but if you’re struggling you can always change to the Team Rumble mode and win the game. Thankfully, you’re not restricted to winning a game in the battle royale mode and can pick a victory in other modes too.

This is all there is to know about how to unlock the Victory Von Doom emote in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4.

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