How To Unlock T-Shirt Creator In NBA 2K22

Bored of branded T-Shirts and want to wear something you made yourself? Check out how to unlock the T-Shirt Creator.

If you have been playing NBA 2K22 for a while now you must have seen other players wear unique T-Shirts not found in the store. Well, those T-Shirts are just something they have created themselves and you can do the same. Unfortunately, there is no particular quest to unlock this feature instead you have to follow certain steps to get this feature. So without further ado let’s check how to Unlock T-Shirt Creator in NBA 2K22 so you can flaunt your fashion sense.

NBA 2K22: How to Unlock T-Shirt Creator

unlock tshirt creator nba 2k22
Image Credit: TonicKeyboard on YouTube

These are steps to follow to unlock the T-Shirt Creator in NBA 2K22:

  • In MyCareer mode, create another character. You should already have a character, you will have to create a new character to unlock this feature.
  • Load the new character into the Park.
  • Open the menu.
  • Scroll to the Neighbourhood tab.
  • Click on Go To Neighbourhood.
  • Now go back and again scroll to the Neighbourhood tab.
  • Among the many options on the left, you should find T-Shirt creator.

Now you can go wild with your creativity and create T-Shirts as per your preference.

Where to find your custom T-Shirts?

If you followed the above steps and created a custom T-Shirt, you can equip it not only on your new character but also on your main character. You can find your custom creations in the inventory. All that’s left to do is equip your custom T-Shirt for your main character.

Although if you noticed the above steps it is not your usual way to unlock a game feature. So the only possible conclusion we can draw is that this might be a glitch. So it’s best to make the most out of this glitch before it gets patched.

That sums up this guide on how to unlock T-Shirt Creator in NBA 2K22. Be sure to check our guide on where to collect VC in NBA 2K22 to speed up your NBA 2K22 playthrough.