How To Unlock Trip In Sonic Superstars

There is a secret character known as Trip that you can unlock in Sonic Superstars. If you have seen the game’s trailer you have come across her even if you haven’t played the game yet or progressed much. This is an interesting thing for the players who like to replay their games. Especially since her abilities are a mix of the powers of Knuckles and Amy. The best part is she is an original character introduced to the series from this game. So without any further ado, here is how you can get her.

Disclaimer: There are spoilers ahead on who she is in the story and about her abilities.

How to Unlock Trip in Sonic Superstars (Secret 5th Character)

How To Unlock Trip In Sonic Superstars
Image Credits: Sonic the Hedgehog on YouTube

To unlock Trip you have to beat the Story mode of the game. There is no specific character that you need to use for it, so you can play as Sonic or anyone else. Originally she was working under Dr. Eggman. However, after the end credits when you go back to the menu, you can see a fifth character in your Character Select options. You also unlock a new game mode called Trip’s Story where you can find out more about her. Once she becomes available you can use her in any game mode.

How Trip’s Abilities Work

Trip plays similarly to Amy and Knuckles because she gets to use double jump. Since she has spikes on her back you can also use her to stick to the walls like Knuckles and climb them.

Collecting all of the Chaos Emeralds allows you to use her super form (Super Trip). In this form, she turns into a golden dragon that can even spew flames at her enemies.

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