Tips to Unlock All Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise

You will need these switch skills to bring down the most powerful monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise has 84 Switch Skills, each weapon comes attached with six of these skills. If you know how well to use Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise as it can shift your power on the battlezone. In this guide, I will guide you with unlocking the new Switch Skill sin Monster Hunter Rise. It allows you to change your playstyle without changing weapons.

How to Unlock All Switch Skills?

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Skills

Mastering all weapons is a tiring task in Monster Hunter Rise. There are many one them like the Long Sword weapon. Switch Skills help you to dominate the battle zone by giving you more damage and speed. It is important to understand what Switch Skills are and how they work. For Insect Glaives also switching skills during combat plays a big role.

When you start Monster Hunter Rise, you will have three skills per weapon. It is the default settings for beginners. If you had played Monster Hunter World it won’t be tough for you to understand the same. The goal is to grab new skills, for which you will have to unlock 4-Star quests. Go to the Village and Hub Quests for unlocking higher-level missions.

Complete Rampage Quest and talk to Master Utushi. You will start learning new techniques after this. Check the item box for new techniques. Based on mission difficulties you will be able to unlock more powerful techniques. As you progress quest difficulty will range from four to six stars. Check the quest below and complete them to grab new switch skills on Monster Hunter World.

Four Stars Quests:

  • Learning the Light Bowgun
  • Study the Switch Axe
  • Honing Your Hunting Horn
  • Study the Sword & Shield

Five Stars Quests:

  • Hone Your Heavy Bowgun
  • Charge Blade Coalescing
  • Learn the Lance
  • Honing Your Hammer
  • Grasp the Great Sword

Six Stars Quests:

  • Be One with the Bow
  • Invoke the Insect Glaive
  • Grasp the Gunlance
  • Dissect the Dual Blades
  • Learn the Long Sword

Follow up the quest to unlock some good set of skills and you can also unlock the same by crafting and upgrading weapons. Whenever you will unlock a new skill you will receive a notification. Make sure you smartly use the resources to upgrade weapons.

This is how you can unlock Switch Skills in Monster Hunter Rise. Refer to our Monster Hunter guides for more tips and tricks on the game.