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How To Reach Sanctuary Grove In GoW Ragnarok (Midgard)

Check out how you can unlock & go to Sanctuary Grove (Midgard) in GoW Ragnarok.

As we are familiar, all GoW games are pretty long and this sequel, i.e. God of War Ragnarok is too. There are up to 9 realms for you to explore in the game. Every Realm has a number of regions and areas which are also filled with puzzles and enemies for you to fight with. All these realms and areas within them can only be unlocked as you progress through the story. One of the areas players are eager to explore is Sanctuary Grove. For those who are unaware, this place is also close to Freya’s heart. So without any further ado let’s take a look at how you can unlock & reach Sanctuary Grove in God of War Ragnarok (Midgard).


Disclaimer: The following guide contains some massive spoilers. So, if you don’t want these spoilers, now is the best chance to head back and check later.

How to Unlock Sanctuary Grove in God Of War Ragnarok

How To Unlock Sanctuary Grove In God Of War (GoW) Ragnarok

To unlock & reach the Sanctuary Grove in God of War Ragnarok you’ll first have to complete the main story. And also a Path mission which is known as The Realms at War. If you haven’t completed it yet, then unfortunately you won’t be able to go to Freya’s home. For those who are unaware, this is the place located in Midgard, where Odin cursed Freya to live. If you have already completed the main story and defeated Odin, then scroll down for steps to reach Sanctuary Grove in Midgard.

  • First head to Sindri’s house mystic gateway.
  • Next, ring the bell hanging on the tree by using your Axe to call Ratatoskr the Squirrel.
  • Doing so will initiate a dialogue between Kratos & Ratatoskr, that you can skip if you want to.
  • Once done, you’ll see a pouch of Yggdrasil seeds in front of you to pick.
  • After that, head to the Mystic Gateway behind you and hover on Midgard to travel.
  • And then, you’ll see a new Undiscovered Gateway, i.e. Sanctuary Grove.
  • Simply click on the Confirm button and walk through the door.
  • And voila you are in Sanctuary Grove in Midgard, The home of Freya.

Here you’ll also spot Freya’s old friend Chaurli a giant turtle. Beneath the turtle, you’ll spot Freya home. Also, while you are here don’t forget to collect the Mirkweed located beside Chaurli. Doing so will help you complete the Favour known as Nine Realms In Bloom. That sums up everything about how you can unlock and reach Sanctuary Grove (Midgard) in God of War Ragnarok. While you are here check out all about, will GoW Ragnarok the last game of the series.