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CoD MW2 Beta MP5: How To Unlock & Get The Gun

Here is how you can unlock the MP5 in CoD MW2 Beta.

Many players are looking to unlock the MP5 in CoD MW2 Beta. The Beta version of the game has several guns for you to try so it is only natural players will want to use one of the strongest SMGs in the game. But unlocking it isn’t exactly straightforward if you don’t know what you are doing. So in this guide let us quickly check how you can unlock and get the MP5 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta.

How to Unlock & Get the MP5 in CoD MW2 Beta

cod mw2 unlock and get mp5

You can unlock the MP5 in Modern Warfare II by leveling up and upgrading the Lachmann-556 to rank 12. The procedure to unlock guns in this game relies on the new gunsmith 2.0 feature. Here basically you take a gun, play with it and level it up. The goal is to keep leveling it up until you unlock its receiver that lets you unlock the next weapon on the platform. So here is how you can get the MP5.

  1. Start by playing with the Lachmann-762 and level it up to rank 13. This will give you its receiver and unlock Lachmann-556.
  2. Next, repeat the process of leveling up but this time use the Lachmann-556 instead. Now level it up to rank 12.
  3. This will unlock the MP5 which is also commonly known as the Lachmann Sub gun.

Tips for Getting MP5 Faster

  • Since the unlocking procedure requires you to level up the gun. You can speed up the process by only using that weapon, instead frequently switching between other weapons.
  • Remember you can share the gun modifications between the weapons of the same platform. So if you are having trouble let’s say leveling up Lachmann-556, then make sure you use the modifications you are used to and the ones that work with it. This can make playing with the gun better or maybe even more fun for you.
  • Lastly, make sure you switch to the new weapon once it unlocks. So after you unlock the Lachmann-556 make sure you start using it and aren’t leveling up the Lachmann-762.

That covers this guide on how to unlock and get the MP5 in CoD MW2 Beta. If you are interested in learning about other guns in the game then also check out our all weapons list, the best weapons for multiplayer, and the best assault rifle. And for other things on this game check out our Modern Warfare 2 guides.