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How To Unlock Metamorphing Talons – Surge 2 Weapon With Elemental Damage

New Weapon New Powers

As you progress in The Surge 2 with full exo-rig crafted having a headgear, arm gear, leg gear, etc you are now ready to face stronger enemies. Level 1 and Level 2 enemies are piece of cake over Level 20 and when you are equipped with AID Type-4 Authority Hammer. With right implants, you can regain health, and stamina and prevent decaying of battery while walking over poison. These all are part of the campaign, all you need is to explore all the corners and cut down enemies parts to harvest schematics. Finally, you will reach a stage where you will reach the entrance of Jericho Seaside Court, on the right end of the JCPD area. Just cross the stranger warming hands by the fire, look for a big Tea sign. This is where you will unlock two items first a Drone Consumable – Molotov and a Metamorphing Talons weapons that will allow you to cause Elemental Damage on enemies.

Drone Consumable – Molotov Unlock (Bonus Drop)


Unlock Drone Consumable Surge 2

Right at the entrance there are few enemies kill them and one with a flamethrower will drop a Drone Consumable. The Drone Consumable can cause 125 Fire Damage to enemies and does not consume any Omni-Cell. Overall Damage of this consumable is 100, so you will have a bit additional support in the fight while dealing with enemies. You can burn them and cause hire damage.

Where To Find Metamorphing Talon – Weapon with Elemental Damage


From the same location turn right and you will see a few particles are hovering in the air with weird purple energy around. Walk on it and you will see a hologram kind of message of a young child and some soldiers around. After watching this message a chest will appear that has Metarmorphing Talon Weapon in it. This weapon will allow you to deal Elemental Damage on enemies, that include Electrical Damage, Fire Damage, Poison Damage, and Nano Damage. Metarmorphing Talon is a dual handed weapon that can cause Nano Damage.

It comes with 87 Damage, and 100% attack speed. The weapon offers +35% Energy Gain, and cause 70% Stamina. Additionally, it comes with 43 Nano Damage. Below are the different types of elemental damage and what they do.

  • Electric Damage – Stun Enemies
  • Fire Damage – Burn Enemies
  • Poison Damage – Intoxicate Enemies
  • Nano Damage – Explode Enemies


When you attack an enemy with one of such weapons which features Elemental Damage, you will see a small icon over the health bar of the enemy. This icon represents the kind of Elemental Damage you can cause on him, for example, a tiny circled fire icon. Keep attacking the enemies to fill the Elemental Damage Circle and that’s it you can take down stronger enemies more easily now.