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How To Unlock House Chest Of Your Dormitory In Hogwarts Legacy?

Check out this guide that features the steps to open the House Chests of your respective Dormitory in Hogwarts Legacy.

While studying at Hogwarts School, you will be sorted into different Houses. Each of these Houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, & Ravenclaw) features its own Dormitories popularly known as Common Rooms. Out of very few things, one thing similar about these dorms is that all of them have a specific House Chest. However, unlocking them is not a piece of cake. So, what can you do to unlock these House Chests in Hogwarts Legacy? Here is everything you should know.

How to Open House Chests in Hogwarts Legacy?

You will have to collect 16 House Tokens for the House Chest to open. Now, these Tokens are found inside House Cabinets which show up according to your selected House. For those who don’t know, House Cabinets are locked and can be unlocked by using the Flying Keys.

How to Open House Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

Further, you are required to begin the side quest, ‘The Daedalian Keys’ from Nellie Oggspire. She can be found in the Astronomy Wing near the Transfiguration Courtyard. This is because, in this side quest, you are given the task to collect 16 House Tokens. For your reference, you can check out this guide where we have mentioned the location of all the 16 Flying Keys.

How to Open House Chests in Hogwarts Legacy?

Once you find a Key, it will lead toward its respective House Cabinet. In the end, it will hover in front of the cabinet. To unlock the Cabinet and obtain House Token, you will have to slap the Flying Key when it flies in front of the Keyhole. This will unlock the Cabinet and get you the House Token for your House Chest in Hogwarts Legacy.

PS – You can use the Revelio Spell to highlight the Key if you are anywhere near it. 

Repeat this until you find all the House Tokens. Once you have collected all 16 Tokens, head over to your respective Common Room or Dormitory to unlock the House Chest.

Unlocking the House Chest will reward you with a special Relic House Uniform. Hence, make sure not to miss out on this.

That is pretty much it on unlocking the House Chest of your respective Dormitories in Hogwarts Legacy. While you are here, make sure to check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki for more such content.