All Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian Keys Locations

Take a look at the locations to find all the Daedalian Keys in Hogwarts Legacy easily.

Finding the locations of all Daedalian Keys in Hogwarts Legacy can be time-consuming, but if you refer to this guide, you will know exactly where to find them in the vast area of Hogwarts. This particular side-quest is given by Nelli Oggspire, a Gryffindor student and you have to keep an eye out for the Flying Keys, which unlock the cabinets scattered around the school. Inside these cabinets, players will find the House Tokens which can be used to open the House Chest kept in the Common Room. These tiny keys can be easily missed, but they do have a golden trail that you need to follow. Here are all the map locations to visit to complete this quest and unlock the Relic House Robe as a final reward.

Hogwarts Legacy Daedalian Keys Locations

All flying Daedalian Keys Locations In Hogwarts Legacy
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There are a total of 16 Daedalian keys and here are all their main locations in Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. Astronomy Tower
  2. Defense against Dark Arts Tower
  3. North Hall
  4. Central Hall 1
  5. Central Hall 2
  6. Potions Classroom
  7. Library
  8. Quad Courtyard
  9. Entrance Hall
  10. Grand Staircase
  11. Secret Room 1
  12. Secret Room 2
  13. Faculty Tower
  14. Prefect’s Bathroom
  15. South Wing
  16. Viaduct Entrance

Astronomy Tower

All Daedalian Keys 1
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The very first flying key is located on the top of the Astronomy Tower. To get the key simply head up to follow the quest waypoint and there’ll you find the key. As soon as you spot it, it’ll run down to the classroom flying near the locked cabinet.

Defense against Dark Arts Tower

Daedalian Key 2
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There simply go downstairs from the Defense Against Dark Arts classroom and near the rhino skeleton you’ll find the Daedalian Key.

North Hall

flying keys hogwarts legacy
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As soon as you enter the Transfiguration Courtyard you’ll spot the flying key near the globe. However, it’ll rush up the stairs, chase it and you’ll be good to go.

Central Hall 1

flying key hogwarts legacy
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To get the central hall key simply walk downwards the stairs and take a left. And then beside the stairs, you’ll find the Flying key. Keep heading up and take a right from the Christmas tree. And under the staircase you’ll find the flying key.

Central Hall 2

Daedalian Keys Hogwarts Legacy
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In Central Hall, you’ll be able to bag one more Daedalian Key. To get skill simply teleport there using Floo Flames and head up by taking the stairs located on your left.

Potions Classroom

All flying Keys Locations In Hogwarts Legacy
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Another key is located just out of the Potion classroom, making it hard to miss. So simply head there and get ready for a chase.


Daedalian Keys locations flying key hogwarts legacy
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The key is right next to the benches located near the back wall at the entrance of the Library.

Quad Courtyard

quad courtyard
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One of the Daedalian Keys locations in Hogwarts Legacy is near the Levioso Statue situated in the Quad Courtyard. However, once you spot the key, it’ll take you to the entrance of the courtyard.

Entrance Hall

Daedalian Keys Locations 7
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In the eastern hall simply walking walk through doors and in front of some paintings you’ll find the key.

Grand Staircase

grand staircase key
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As soon as you reach the Reception Hall make your way toward the grand staircase and keep moving ahead until you spot the key. Once you do it’ll rush downstairs and you’ll be finally able to slap the key near the puzzle door.

Secret Room 1

All Daedalian Keys Locations In Hogwarts Legacy
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Here in the Secret Room, you will have to head downstairs and then enter a small door. After that keep moving downwards and you’ll find the key resting near a dragon statue.

Secret Room 2

Daedalian Keys Locations In Hogwarts Legacy
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After slapping the key near the dragon statue keep heading ahead and you’ll find yourself in a store room. From there simply head left and you’ll find the flying Daedalian Keys easily.

Faculty Tower

clock tower key
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To get this flying key in Hogwarts Legacy you’ll have to unlock the Alohomora spell by completing The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament. This spell will help you open all the locked doors and windows. Once done, simply head to the Faculty Tower and simply head upstairs until you see the Prefect guard. And there you’ll spot the key, which will take you to the cabinet.

Prefect’s Bathroom

flying key location
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Here the key is located down the corridor near the Prefect’s Bathroom entrance.

South Wing

Flying Keys Locations
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In order to get to this Daedalian Key’s Locations in Hogwarts Legacy you’ll need the Alohamora spell. If you already have it, simply enter the South Wing and head to the Dueling club area. There simply head up the stairs and you’ll find the flying key you are looking for.

Viaduct Entrance

This entrance is located near the Central hall. After heading there make your way through the stairs and move past the Floo Flame. And then you’ll find the final key to open the cabinet.

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These are all the locations of the flying Daedalian Keys in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Open Cabinets with Flying Keys?

Once you spot a Daedalian key, follow it via its trail (use Revelio to make it clearer) and you will reach a cabinet. To use the key and open the cabinets all you have to do is slap the flying key inside it and it will open up. 

What to Do After Finding All 16 Daedalian Keys?

Once you have unlocked all the cabinets and obtained the house coins, simply head to the house chest. And collect the customized house cosmetic items it holds for you. However, if somehow you lose track of the keys between the chase, then simply look out for the fluttering sound.

That sums up all about the locations to find the Daedalian Keys in Hogwarts legacy. While you are here take a look at the methods to level up fast in the game. Also, check out how to get the Merlin’s Cloak (Twitch Drop) easily.