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How To Unlock Hi-Potion Consumable In FF7 Remake – Restore 700 HP

A powerful consumable item to restore a large amount of health instantly

Consumable allows you to restore Health in Final Fantasy VII Remake, one of them is Hi-Potion. More powerful than the regular one, Hi-Potion allows you to restore 700 HP instantly. This makes this consumable quiet important during the battle and in this FF7 Remake guide, you can learn how to unlock high-potion, what is the cost of each potion and from where you can buy it.


How to unlock High-Potion?

To unlock High-Potion you will have to complete a Quest by Item Store Owner in Sector 7 Slum. This is the first guy you will meet on the objective of changing the water filter. You can also buy a Music disc as well as a regular potion that restores 350 HP. Next, follow Tifa and talk to the Land Lady. Talk to the Weapon Vendor, Weymer and Chadley. After completing Chadley’s quest that unlocks Auto-Cure Materia, talk to the Item Shop Owner.

He will Cloud to kill some wererat, just follow the quest Rat Problem in the residential area of the slum. Follow the objective marker and will take you to a locked place. Kill the rats and return back to the Item Shop Owner. He will give a second task of killing some doomrats in the same region. Complete the objective and return back.

Happy with the job a few new things will be unlocked in the Item Shop Owners catalog. One of them is a Materia and another one is High-Potion.


Cleansing Materia: 

  • Cost 300 Gil
  • Level 1 – Use Poisona
  • Level 2 – Use Esuna
  • Level 3 – Use Resist

High Potion cost 100 Gil, you can keep around 10 in your inventory at the start. High Potion are better than the regular one, double the price but double the benefits.